SlideTech was acquired by Allis Tool & Machine Corp in December of 2022 and continues our tradition of providing custom solutions for Linear Guides, Lead Screws, Slide Nuts and Slide Trucks for OEM’s in every market segment.

Slidetech is a manufacturer of high precision, low friction slides, bearings and nuts.  While Slidetech is commonly known for emergency replacement of linear ways, bearings and screw assemblies, their expert technical knowledge and proprietary methods are commonly used by machinery builders requiring both standard and custom low friction surfaces and bearings.

The core of Slidetech’s expertise is in the application of a proprietary Low Friction Polymer Material (LFPM).  The LFPM material is really only part of our success.  Our true success comes from the knowledge and technique in molding or casting the material, and from years of experience in understanding its’ use.

Some of our most common applications include;  no lube linear, no lube screw nuts, vibration dampening, noise dampening, and low friction surfaces.

What our Customers are Saying

Saginaw LetterI am writing to you concerning the Acme screw for our ring gear loader that you repaired for me.

The Acme Screw was considered unrepairable. We could not get a new screw since none were available.

The screw was shipped to SlideTech via air for the 36 hour turn around program. The fact that you repaired the screw and had it back to our plant in such a timely manner was greatly appreciated. The unit was installed June 9, 1993, the day we received it, and has been in production since and is performing without any problems.

The Acme Screw is on a ring gear loader that is a vital part of our production. The screw raises and loads a stack of 10 gears weighting 150 pounds into the machine. The unit works 8 to 16 hours per day, 6 days a week.

The OEM was still investigating the possibility of manufacturing the Acme screw a week after we were back in production.

The SlideTech Company and your polymer process certainly came through for us, and continues to do so. We look forward to working with you and the SlideTech Company and Motion Industries in the future.

Caterpillar LetterI wanted you to know about the success of the Slidetech polymer bearing pads. They replaced the rolling element bearing packs that gave me trouble weekly. The bearing packs are hit by coolant with metal particles which are carried into the open bearing packs causing failure and down time on a weekly basis. The bearing packs were on a New Britain machine with a Toyota carousel.

The Slidetech bearing pads were installed 18 months ago on the New Britain machine with the Toyota carousel, with no design changes. The Slidetech pads are still running with no failures after 18 months. During that time the machine has experienced crashes without any effect on the Slidetech pads or rails. Also, after a crash we have only had to adjust the controls and we are back running and holding tolerance.

I did have you repair a vertical Motch ball screw using the Slidetech process. The screw has been on for almost a year holding tolerance, with no problems.

The Slidetech technology and polymers have eliminated downtime and increased production, which is what we are all looking for.

We look forward to working closely with Slidetech in the future.