Benefits of Slidetech’s Low Friction Polymer Materials (LFPM)

  • High load/high compression strength. 19,000 PSI.
  • Low Friction. Documented coefficients of friction from 0.050 to .115.
  • Deadens vibration and noise. Vibration attenuation 25 times better than steel.
  • Non seizing machine failures. Predictable use and wear.
  • Tough and solid in wicked environments. Resists most contaminants, coolants and wash downs.
  • High Temperature LFPM available. Can withstand up to 400 deg F surface temperature.
  • Precision/Accuracy. Zero Shrinkage and Mirror Image capability replicates mating surfaces.
  • White LFPM available.
  • High Shock Loads.
  • LOW COST. LFPM solutions are a low cost option for Emergency or Designed Applications.
  • NO LUBE.

comparison chart